Project Methodology

The project was managed by the Centre for Development and Enhancement of Professional Practice (CDEPP) at the University of Cumbria. Rob Ward from the Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) led the evaluation of the project, providing on-going input from the beginning (including co-writing the project bid for funding) to contributing to the final report.

Support for project partners was provided by the project consultant, Sarah Chesney, who along with Rob Ward, contacted the partners to check on progress and help overcome any challenges.

An online survey was designed to be sent out to students participating in the Digital Patchwork Text Assessment. Although not consistently useful, the responses from some of the cohorts do reveal student attitudes to this form of assessment.

Four one day, face to face meetings were held periodically throughout the project, hosted at partners’ institutions. These provided opportunities for sharing of practice, problem solving and identifying emergent themes from the work being undertaken. The project manager, Caroline Marcangelo ensured that key conversations were integrated into the final report, ensuring the voices of participants was heard. This, in addition to the case studies, gives a coherent overview for the wider community and practitioners wanting to introduce a similar method of assessment.

For the final face to face meeting, the project partners were encouraged to invite colleagues who had showed an interest in the project. This provided an informal way of disseminating the project, and sharing lessons learnt.Final Project Meeting


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