This project was designed to develop the use and effectiveness of digitally supported patchwork text assessments in a range of traditional academic subjects within different Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). It was funded under the JISC Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants for a twelve month period between June 2010 and July 2011. It was co-ordinated, managed and delivered by the University of Cumbria.

In addition to the University of Cumbria, the project brought together four partner HEIs: University of Liverpool, University of Derby, University of Bedfordshire, University of Wolverhampton; and The Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA).

Project Manager
Caroline Marcangelo email: caroline.marcangelo@cumbria.ac.uk

DePTA Project Consultant
Sarah Chesney email: sarahchesney@me.com

DePTA Project Partners
University of Derby

Karen Clubb email: k.clubb@derby.ac.uk

University of Bedfordshire
Dr Alfredo Gaitan email: Alfredo.Gaitan@beds.ac.uk

University of Wolverhampton
Megan J Lawton email: M.J.Lawton@wlv.ac.uk
Wendy Nicholls email: W.Nicholls@wlv.ac.uk

University of Liverpool
Lynn Moran email: lmoran@liv.ac.uk
Anthony Sinclairemail: A.G.M.Sinclair@liverpool.ac.uk
Janet Strivens email: strivens@liverpool.ac.uk

University of Cumbria
David Penny email: david.penny@cumbria.ac.uk

Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA)
Rob Ward email: rob@recordingachievement.org